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Prominent Aucklanders call for a government inquiry into Auckland Transport
A group of prominent Aucklanders has called on the government to appoint a commissioner to take over operations of Auckland Transport (AT) and to hold a full public inquiry into its conduct.

Auckland Transport, whose billion dollar organisation controls a vast network of transport infrastructure that sprawls far beyond Auckland city, has been accused of dishonesty, arrogance and wastage.

The four-person (OTB) reflects a wide range of political and social beliefs, but is "united by our outrage at the manner Auckland Transport conducts its affairs."

The OTB group chairman, road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson, says:

"Auckland Transport operates like an independent state that is indifferent to the wishes of most Aucklanders."

A group statement added:

"The facts suggest that AT has handled its portfolio wastefully, arrogantly and incompetently. The facts further suggest that AT is effectively incapable of useful consultation with affected parties. AT appears instead to have routinely ignored those who objected to its plans, and further ignored their effects on both local citizens and businesses."

"For this reason, the OTB group believes AT's powers should be suspended and an independent commissioner appointed to supervise current AT projects. The remainder of AT's future projects should be put on hold until after a full public inquiry."
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